Monday, December 14, 2015

One Key Way to Use the Time You Purchased Through Marketing Automation

Using your time to analyze your processes can give you a competitive edge

A lot has been written about the the benefits of marketing automation and the time it wins back. It’s all true. But what do you do with that time is just as important as the tasks you’ve been able to accomplish via automation. This is a great opportunity to take a look measurement and control elements to improve your processes and efforts.

Marketing automation tools all have great analytic reporting options to help you track campaign performance. Your project trackers should also have good data regarding process throughput and performance. Analyzing this data to improve overall campaign performance is a great way of leveraging newly found time.

If common, end-to-end process steps are closely observed, documented and studied, and if the data they produce are collected and analyzed, it is possible to identify improvement opportunities with the process.

--Six Sigma for Marketing, by Abe Asefeso MCIPS MBA, AA Global Sourcing Ltd., 2013, pg. 17
In his book, Six Sigma for Marketing, Abe Asefeso states that this kind of process analysis will help “increase the competitive advantage marketing needs to act proactively, sustain its positive momentum, and keep pace with the ever-changing landscape” (Asefeso, Six Sigma for Marketing, page 25). Your competition is acting fast and is also leveraging marketing automation software. Your ability to be nimble is dependent upon your processes just as much it is your ideas.

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