Monday, November 30, 2015

It’s Just Marketing Operations, Right?

There is no "Just" in marketing operations

Have you ever been asked the question, “Can’t you just”...? Sure you have. The answer to that question is usually "no", or at least it should be. Whatever is being “Justed” isn’t fully understood by the one “justing”. Usually what follows the word “just” is a quick solution meant to push a project forward while eschewing the problem at hand bypassing the root cause, and is void of any real "systems thinking".  This allows whatever is at the root of the problem to fester and will ultimately lead to one band aid solution after another. Eventually small or temporary bandaids can’t hold or simply get old and lose their adhesive quality, while the wound causing the need for the band aid gets bigger and more painful.

So - how should “justers” be addressed? We have to take a few things into consideration here. First, “justers” want to get things done, and quickly. They don’t understand the depth of the problem they are “justing”or the impacts this quick action will have on other processes. We know that the problem is solved by addressing the root cause. But “justers” don’t care about the root cause.  They are not thinking in terms of system impact - they aren’t looking that far ahead.

So now the question has evolved to, how does one deal with “justers” and how can we finally move the conversation from a quick solution to identifying the root cause?
Most of the time “justers” provide quick surface solutions. These solutions are often times good. But by turning the situation into an impromptu brainstorming session asking the questions that will lead to real systems thinking, you can educate them on the depths of the issue and begin paving the way for a solution to the real problem at hand. However, you mustn't loose sight that often times these sessions might turn into real projects.

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